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How Truck Drivers Can Get Fired from Trucking Companies

Worried about getting fired? “Asking for a friend” who’s a truck driver? Learn more about violations that can send you packing from trucking ...

5 min. read


How Does the Split Sleeper Berth Rule Work?

The split sleeper berth rule allows truck drivers to split their mandatory 10-hour break into two breaks, rather than a consecutive 10-hour break. ...

4 min. read


Transitioning from an Owner-Operator to a Company Truck Driver [3 Tip

Are you transitioning from an owner-operator driving position to a company driver position? There are important documents you need to keep, as well ...

6 min. read


How Long Does the Truck Driver Application Process Take?

How long does the truck driver application process take? Can you speed it along? We’ll let you know how long it takes and when you can expect to be ...

4 min. read

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